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7 Rules of Etiquette for Cleaning Open Office Spaces

Offices today are changing. More and more employers are moving away from individual, enclosed rooms and turning instead towards open spaces, which encourage collaboration and communication amongst employees. To keep these areas clean, work with a professional cleaning company that understands the needs unique to open offices and adheres to these rules of etiquette: 1. […]

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The Benefits of Day Porter/Matron Cleaning Services for Your Office

A trend that we have noticed in recent years is the shift towards daytime cleaning for office environments. Some workplaces choose staggered programs, using both day and evening cleaners to keep their building looking its best, while others prefer to rely solely on day porters and matrons. Whatever arrangement is ideal for your office, incorporating […]

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The Real Value of a Clean Building [Infographic]

Keeping your building clean is about more than simply making it look good. It also helps maintain the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives in it, works in it, and uses it—increasing productivity by up to 8% each year and reducing the $16 billion in lost revenue sick days cost Canadian businesses annually. The […]

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3 Ways a Clean Bathroom Benefits Your Business

Which areas would you say are the most important to keep clean? If you said the lobby or the staff kitchen you’d be right, but don’t forget to add the bathroom to your top-tier list! In one survey, 86% of customers said they wouldn’t return to a place if the bathrooms weren’t up to pa­­r […]

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Have You Heard about Sunshine’s High Ceiling Cleaning Services?

You maintain various areas of your facility on a regular basis, but when was the last time your ceilings received a good, thorough cleaning? High ceilings are some of the most challenging spaces to reach and easiest to accidentally neglect, which is why they can also become some of the dirtiest. If you’re not careful, […]

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5 Things You Need to Do When Evaluating Professional Cleaning Companies

You want your business space to make a good first impression with anyone who passes by or comes in, whether they’re a member of your staff or a VIP guest. When it comes to finding a professional cleaning company to keep your building looking welcoming and inviting, it’s not just about finding a cleaner. It’s […]

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Planning Your Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget about Pressure Washing Your Parking Garage!

Is your parking garage looking worse for wear this winter? With spring on the way (and sooner rather than later according to Wiarton Willy!), it’s time to start thinking about pressure washing. Pressure washing is the best way to clean parking garages, as it enables you to tackle a larger area in a shorter amount […]

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The 5 Tips and Tricks of Wintertime Matting

It takes 1,000 people only one day to drag 24 pounds of grime into your building during the winter. When used in combination with other measures like hard floor cleaning and carpet care, mats can help minimize the amount of dirt that gets in and prevent visitors from tracking it farther as they move around […]

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Identifying and Preventing Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards

Every year, over one million Canadians visit emergency rooms for injuries caused by fall hazards. This costs the economy over six billion dollars annually in medical expenses and even more when you factor in lost time and reduced productivity. Slips and trips can happen almost anywhere from your lobby to your kitchen to your walkways. […]

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4 Must-Read Tips for Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance

Polished concrete flooring has become more popular in recent years, surpassing traditional hard floor alternatives like vinyl composite tiles (VCT) in commercial buildings. Polished concrete flooring is durable, aesthetically pleasing, eco-conscious, and simpler to maintain. But easy maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. It’s important to care for your polished concrete flooring properly to ensure it […]

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