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Spring Cleaning: How to Take Care of Your Floors After Winter

The term “spring cleaning” exists for a reason. At this time of year, most of us in Southern Ontario will spend a lot of time cleaning up after a winter filled with slush, snow, and salt. Regardless of the types of floors your building has—hardwood, tile, carpet, or a mix—proper ongoing maintenance plays an essential […]

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7 Rules of Etiquette for Cleaning Open Office Spaces

Offices today are changing. More and more employers are moving away from individual, enclosed rooms and turning instead towards open spaces, which encourage collaboration and communication amongst employees. To keep these areas clean, work with a professional cleaning company that understands the needs unique to open offices and adheres to these rules of etiquette: 1. […]

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The Real Value of a Clean Building [Infographic]

Keeping your building clean is about more than simply making it look good. It also helps maintain the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives in it, works in it, and uses it—increasing productivity by up to 8% each year and reducing the $16 billion in lost revenue sick days cost Canadian businesses annually. The […]

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Have You Heard about Sunshine’s High Ceiling Cleaning Services?

You maintain various areas of your facility on a regular basis, but when was the last time your ceilings received a good, thorough cleaning? High ceilings are some of the most challenging spaces to reach and easiest to accidentally neglect, which is why they can also become some of the dirtiest. If you’re not careful, […]

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4 Quick Tips for Keeping a Clean Office

Sometimes office messes happen gradually. You start laying a few pieces of scrap paper on top of each other, and before you know it, there’s an overwhelming pile. Other times the chaos happens quickly, like when a cup of hot coffee tips off your desk and onto the newly washed carpet. Fortunately, keeping a clean […]

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Can You Guess the 4 Most Overlooked (and Under-Cleaned) Surfaces in Most Offices?

Many of us are in spring cleaning mode at this time of year—cleaning windows until they sparkle, shaking the dust out of rugs, and putting the polish back in floors. But are you forgetting some of the germiest places in your office? Even if your building looks tidy, there might be bacteria lingering in commonly […]

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The 5 Tips and Tricks of Wintertime Matting

It takes 1,000 people only one day to drag 24 pounds of grime into your building during the winter. When used in combination with other measures like hard floor cleaning and carpet care, mats can help minimize the amount of dirt that gets in and prevent visitors from tracking it farther as they move around […]

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3 Ways to Boost Hand Hygiene

When you’re up against this year’s flu, remember that the best offence is a good defence. You need to intercept bacteria before they’re able to get through and spread to everyone around you. One of the most effective tools in your arsenal is good hand hygiene, which (alongside measures like touch point cleaning) helps you […]

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Benefits of Day Porter Services for Your Building

The busier the building, the dirtier it can get. Visitors buzz through lobbies to catch a cab outside. Shoppers circle through stores to find the perfect present. Employees move back and forth between rooms, catching up with co-workers and attending meetings. That can be a lot of activity to keep up with, which is where […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Bring Household Cleaning Products to Work

Do you like using a vinegar-based solution on your windows at home? Are you a fan of a certain brand of cleaning products? Do you believe you’ve created the perfect aromatic concoction to fill your rooms with the scent of newly bloomed flowers? As tempting as it might be to bring these products to work […]

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