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Choosing Sunshine as Your Preferred Consumables Supplier

At Sunshine Building Maintenance, we know that keeping up with your day-to-day cleaning and hygiene stock needs can be a time-consuming task. You need to check inventory levels regularly, coordinate orders from suppliers, and make sure payments are properly approved and tracked (just to name a few responsibilities). Trust Sunshine to stay on top of […]

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4 Quick Tips for Keeping a Clean Office

Sometimes office messes happen gradually. You start laying a few pieces of scrap paper on top of each other, and before you know it, there’s an overwhelming pile. Other times the chaos happens quickly, like when a cup of hot coffee tips off your desk and onto the newly washed carpet. Fortunately, keeping a clean […]

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5 Things You Need to Do When Evaluating Professional Cleaning Companies

You want your business space to make a good first impression with anyone who passes by or comes in, whether they’re a member of your staff or a VIP guest. When it comes to finding a professional cleaning company to keep your building looking welcoming and inviting, it’s not just about finding a cleaner. It’s […]

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Can You Guess the 4 Most Overlooked (and Under-Cleaned) Surfaces in Most Offices?

Many of us are in spring cleaning mode at this time of year—cleaning windows until they sparkle, shaking the dust out of rugs, and putting the polish back in floors. But are you forgetting some of the germiest places in your office? Even if your building looks tidy, there might be bacteria lingering in commonly […]

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4 Reasons You Need to Clean Your Carpets This Spring

After an often unpredictable winter, spring has finally sprung in Southern Ontario—bringing the blooming flowers, budding trees, and singing birds we’ve been craving. Do your carpets look ready to welcome the new season, or are they still clinging to too much of their wintertime grime? Keep reading to learn the four benefits of giving your […]

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3 Tips for Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

Is the air inside your building feeling a little bit stale? A long winter spent inside can leave many of us in Southern Ontario feeling that way. But don’t worry; there are a few simple steps you can take to help improve indoor air quality no matter the season. Here are three tips for keeping […]

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Planning Your Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget about Pressure Washing Your Parking Garage!

Is your parking garage looking worse for wear this winter? With spring on the way (and sooner rather than later according to Wiarton Willy!), it’s time to start thinking about pressure washing. Pressure washing is the best way to clean parking garages, as it enables you to tackle a larger area in a shorter amount […]

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5 Ways to Keep Hard Floors and Carpets Clean This Winter

Last year Southern Ontario enjoyed a relatively mild winter, but Mother Nature isn’t promising to be so kind this year – bringing back the snow, sleet, and ice we’re all accustomed to. Do you have the right floor care system in place to keep hard floors and carpets looking their best all season long? Check […]

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The 5 Tips and Tricks of Wintertime Matting

It takes 1,000 people only one day to drag 24 pounds of grime into your building during the winter. When used in combination with other measures like hard floor cleaning and carpet care, mats can help minimize the amount of dirt that gets in and prevent visitors from tracking it farther as they move around […]

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Happy Holidays from Sunshine Building Maintenance!

Best wishes for a festive holiday season, and a happy new year from the team at Sunshine Building Maintenance! Our Holiday Hours December 26-27: CLOSED December 28-30: OPEN (Regular Hours) January 2: CLOSED We are pleased to work with you to create a holiday cleaning schedule suited to your unique needs. Contact us today to […]

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