AsthmaAsthma is a condition that many Canadians live with on a daily basis. Over 2 million Canadians have asthma, and asthma rates have been steadily increasing for the past 20 years. In spite of new medications and technologies, asthma contributes to about 350 deaths per year. That averages out to almost 1 death each day.

Using good cleaning techniques, asthma triggers can be significantly reduced. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a commercial or residential space, these cleaning tips can improve conditions for those who suffer from asthma.

1. Dusting

Dust. Dust often. Dust everywhere.

Of course, that’s not all there is to it. You should dust with microfiber cloths, as they will ultimately be the best at picking up all sorts of tiny particles. Microfiber attracts dirt and dust debris, then traps it between its fibers and miniscule crevices.

Dust mites, dander, and other things that you can find in dust are common allergens for asthma sufferers. By dusting properly and often, these substances can be drastically reduced.

2. Filtration

Air conditioning and heating systems should be well maintained. The filters, in particular, should be changed frequently. Otherwise, asthma triggers can end up going back into the building.

There are special air filters called HEPA filters that are specifically designed for high performance. They will catch almost all allergens, and should be used if asthma and allergies are big concerns.

3. Vacuuming

The filter used in the vacuum is also important. There are HEPA filters for vacuums, and they are great for removing asthma triggering contaminants.

Some vacuums themselves are built to remove allergens and reduce dust. These are also a good choice for helping those with asthma.

Another trick for vacuuming is to empty the bag more often – long before it’s full. Once it reaches around 1/3 to 1/2 of its capacity, it should be emptied. Doing this will help the vacuum maintain optimal effectiveness.

4. Frequency

Regularly scheduled cleaning should always be the norm. However, this becomes even more crucial when cleaning to remove asthma triggers. Dust often. Change air filters often. Vacuum and empty the vacuum bag often.

Dust and dust mites are not the only culprits when it comes to asthma irritators; mold is another main trigger. Simply increasing how often restrooms, kitchens, and windows are cleaned can limit how much mold is able to grow – reducing the effect on those with asthma.

5. Thoroughness

Develop a plan to clean forgotten areas. Nooks that get missed in regular cleaning can become sanctuaries for allergens: for example, the space in between the wall and the fridge at home, or the desk chairs at the office.

It must be understood that disinfectants alone will not protect asthma sufferers. Intensive cleaning procedures are necessary, such as deep carpet cleaning.

With these 5 strategies in your repertoire, it should be easy to significantly reduce the asthma triggers in your building!

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