Microfiber vs. Cotton Cleaning Cloths: Which Is More Effective?

Microfiber vs. Cotton Cleaning Cloths: Which Is More Effective? Every day, you pick up 30-50% of the microorganisms living on every surface you touch, which makes the cleanliness of the environments and surfaces around you as important as good personal hygiene. It’s the job of your professional cleaning company to identify the areas most likely […]

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The Rapid Return on Investment of Microfiber Technology

Microfiber technology is a vastly superior cleaning technology that has changed cleaning products and methods for the better since its introduction. Used to make clothes, dusters, and mops, these microfiber products clean more thoroughly than their traditional counterparts because they have millions of tiny edges to pick up significantly more debris and bacteria. The ROI […]

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4 Benefits of Microfiber Cleaning Technology

What Is Microfiber Technology? Microfiber cleaning technology has been popular in Europe for over two decades and is now gaining some serious momentum in North America. It is one of the most important innovations in the cleaning industry in the last century. But what exactly is it? Microfiber technology is used in the cleaning industry to […]

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