3 Things You Can Do to Plan Ahead for Ice and Snow

Winter can be a challenging time of year for floors in Southern Ontario. Melting snow, corrosive de-icers, and scratchy grit can all take their toll—wearing away at your flooring’s lustre. To combat these effects, you need to prepare yourself and your building for the colder months ahead. Here are three actions you can take to […]

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Be Prepared! Get Your Building Ready for Winter Now

Is your building ready for the winter weather? It may still be autumn, but it’s not too early to prepare your building for the cold months! In fact, this is the best time to get ready for the winter – before the ice and snow comes. Prepare your facility now and face fewer problems when […]

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3 Tips for Developing a Carpet Cleaning Plan This Winter

You want your building to look spotless all year long – even in the winter, when it can be difficult to maintain a pristine appearance. If your building has carpets, winter is a particularly messy time. Salt, slush, and dirt is tracked inside and packed into the carpet fibers. That’s why you must have a […]

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3 Winter Cleaning Must-Dos for Your Building

You know all about spring cleaning. But what about winter cleaning? Take it from us, you don’t want to ignore your building’s (or your home’s!) cleaning needs all winter, only to clean it in the spring. You’d be buried in slush, dirt, salt, and dust. As we go through this snowy, rainy, slushy winter season […]

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