Sunshine is committed to staying current with changes to industry standards and best practices through our membership in and association with organizations considered leaders in education, training, and certification

International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA)

Since 2011

ISSA is the leading worldwide trade association for the cleaning industry. Its more than 7,000 members include distributors, manufacturers, in-house service providers, building service contractors, and other associated service members. In addition to peer-to-peer networking events like cleaning shows, ISSA offers business tools, products, standards, publications, and services focused specifically on the professional cleaning industry. It is through these types of initiatives that ISSA helps its members understand and demonstrate the true value of clean.

Canadian Sanitary Services Association (CSSA)

Since 2009

The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association was established as a non-profit corporation in 1957 to represent companies engaged in manufacturing, distributing, and selling sanitary maintenance products and services.

Today, the CSSA aims to provide professionalism, technical knowledge, and ethical guidelines to its members while promoting greater public awareness about maintenance principles.

ISSA Canada was formed by the merger of ISSA with the CSSA in April 2017.

Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA)

Since 2014

The Ontario Long Term Care Association is dedicated to advancing the quality of long-term care services in Ontario to ensure the needs of residents are being met. This organization is the largest association of long-term care providers in Ontario, including private, not-for-profit, charitable, and municipal long-term care operators. Our partnership with OLTCA enables us to provide the best services possible for long-term care buildings.

International Accident Prevention Association (IAPA)

Since 2010

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is a leader in providing impactful risk management solutions that drive lasting business success. WSPS offers unparalleled health and safety expertise, insight, and solutions for creating healthy work environments where employees thrive and businesses prosper.

In 2010, the IAPA joined with the Farm Safety Association (FSA) to become one unified organization, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS). WSPS works to serve the health and safety needs of Ontario’s agricultural, manufacturing, and service sectors.

WSIB’s Safety Group Association

Since 2012

The WSIB’s Safety Groups Program is designed to help companies improve health and safety in their workplaces by connecting them with approved sponsors, developing action plans, and tracking progress.

Workplace Medical

Since 2013

Workplace Medical is dedicated to keeping Canada working. It offers a range of prevention, response, and return-to-work services including advice and support, medical surveillance programs, first aid training, mobile hearing testing, disability and absence management support, and more.

ComplyWorks: Contractor Management for Health & Safety

Since 2014

ComplyWorks is a global leader in compliance management. Since the company was created in 2004, it has expanded across Canada and internationally. It has worked to grow its offerings to cover the entire compliance lifecycle from contractor management through to workforces, worksites, and payments.


Since 2013

As a worldwide leader in contractor and supplier management, ISN supports over 500 clients across a range of industries and helps to manage over 65,000 contractors and suppliers. ISN has operations in over 85 countries.


Since 2015

BROWZ has provided supplier qualification and management solutions since 2001, serving over 35 industries around the world.

Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA), Leadership in Educational Facilities

Since 2010

APPA focuses on providing excellence in today’s educational environment. They seek to adapt, enhance, and transform the facilities of the future.

Building Service Contractors Association International (BCSAI)

Since 1993

BSCAI has become the trade association of the building service industry, representing a worldwide network of more than 2,000 member companies in 31 countries, who provide cleaning, facility maintenance, and other related services to building owners and managers. The association provides educational programs, publications, video training programs, seminars, and networking opportunities to the building service contracting industry.

Mark Brouwers

Mark Brouwers is the Operations Manager at Sunshine Building Maintenance. He specializes in working collaboratively with clients to meet the specific cleaning needs of their building or facility.
Mark Brouwers