Sunshine Building Maintenance is one of the first commercial cleaning companies in Canada to implement Cleantelligent, a leading janitorial inspections system.

While we firmly believe there is no substitute for “face to face” interaction, Sunshine is always seeking ways to improve communications with our valued customers. Cleantelligent is web-based software that provides our customers and employees with online access to cleaning activity data capture forms and performance reports. This benefits our customers through transparent visibility to inspection details; when work was completed, work outcomes and resulting work orders. This insight allows customers to closely monitor Sunshine’s overall performance. Sunshine uses the real time data to identify problem areas and take immediate action (e.g. providing cleaning staff with customized training), and to closely monitor performance on key quality measures.

Cleantelligent Components

Quality Assurance

  • Inspection
  • Data Collection
  • Reporting
  • Document Control


  • Eliminates or Adds to Log Books
  • Routes Communication to appropriate personnel

Customer Relationship Management

  • Retains History of Communication
  • Contact Information

Cleantelligent acts as an electronic log book while providing a number of additional capabilities. Messages can be sent to specific email addresses assigned to individual buildings. Each communication is routed to appropriate personnel within Sunshine and Customer organizations by maintaining the customer hierarchy chart in Cleantelligent – all members of the hierarchy chart receive the appropriate communication.

Inspections are conducted using smart phone technology to update Cleantelligent.

This gives our customers and senior management access to real time information regarding the condition of each site.

Inspection data is captured from all areas within the facility:

  • Floor (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)
  • East, West
  • Area Types: Hallway, Washroom, Kitchen, Classroom, Office

Inspections are performed using requirements that have been mutually agreed upon.

Areas and Specifications are downloaded to the smartphones.

Each line item is graded as acceptable (Green) or Unacceptable (Red).

The inspector may leave comments and take photographs of each evaluated item.

This highly interactive tool also for adding ad-hock questions that may not be part of cleaning requirements, but may be important for Health and Safety.

Inspectors may also leave general notes such as: lights not working, damage to window, etc. Inspectors can view the summary of their inspections before updating the Cleantelligent database.

Inspections can be performed together with our customers.

All the observations, notes and action plans can be captured and signed off by both parties.

All Sunshine supervisors are equipped with mobile printers, enabling them to print inspection details on-site and share this information with clients and Sunshine cleaning staff.

Cleantelligent generates standard reports for Sunshine and its customers, and offers the ability to create custom reports to meet specific needs.

Inspection Reports
Average Inspection Scores
Average Inspection Scores By Month By Service Location By Service
Average Inspection Scores By Month By Service Location By Service
Inspection Report Details Only
Quality Inspection Report
Recent Inspection Scores By Service Location
Service Locations Needing Attention
Work Order/Message Reports
Filing Type Tracking By Month
Filing Type Tracking By Month (Bar Chart)
Message History By Client
Message History By Employee
Message Time Statistics


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