We’re proud to announce that we recently achieved a significant milestone: 1,000,000 hours with no lost time injuries! We’d like to thank all of our team members for contributing to this achievement. We’re dedicated to working with you to create lasting professional partnerships that make health and safety a top priority.

Sunshine Building Maintenance Inc. is committed to maintaining a clean, healthy and safe working environment for our customers staff, visitors and our own cleaning team. Our management philosophy is SAFE PRODUCTIVITY. It is our responsibility and moral obligation to safeguard our customers, employees and the environment by operating in a healthy and safe way.Our safety record is proof of our vigilance; In September 2011, we were given a WISB NEER Performance Index Rating of .25, which puts Sunshine in a rebate position.

Sunshine’s Health and Safety Program is based on the following principles:

  • All levels of management are committed to Health and Safety
  • Employees are actively involved in the Health and Safety program
  • Continuous improvement
  • A system to identify and control hazards
  • Full compliance with regulatory standards
  • On-going training on safe work practices
  • Mutual respect, caring and open communication in a climate conducive to safety

Health and safety is the responsibility of the entire Sunshine team; executive management, supervisors and cleaning staff.

Health and safety is a top operational priority. All Sunshine management meetings include Health and Safety as a mandatory agenda item.

Sunshine leadership is responsible and accountable for:

  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures that meet or exceed regulatory requirements,
  • Providing workers and supervisors with necessary workplace training in the safe performance of their jobs,
  • Participate in Sunshine Health and Safety Committee quarterly meetings to ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations is being maintained.
  • Conducting regular self-evaluations of our health and safety performance and practices,
  • Continually improving our practices, equipment and health and safety education.

Sunshine supervisory staff is vigilant about health and safety:

  • Ensure compliance with Sunshine’s health and safety policies, procedures and standards,
  • Provide and maintain a safe working environment at all times,
  • Develop, promote and implement company health and safety systems and practices,
  • Train all employees to enable them to work in a safe and efficient manner
  • Provide site-specific safety equipment such as hard hats, gloves, eye protection and safety boots, to minimize the possibility of injury.

Adherence to Sunshine health and safety practices is a condition of employment for cleaning staff:

  • Perform duties with the greatest care to avoid injury to themselves and those working with them,
  • Report any unsafe acts or conditions to their supervisors immediately,
  • Zero tolerance for working under the influence of non-prescribed drugs or alcohol
  • Always wear proper personal protective equipment,
  • Know what to do in the case of an emergency,
  • Follow safe work procedures at all times.

Our Health and Safety policies are constantly reviewed, and a detailed assessment is conducted on a quarterly basis to ensure health and safety policies and procedures continue to meet the needs of the business and regulatory standards.

Sunshine is part of, and complies with, health and safety protocols established by WSIB’s Safety Group Association (Health and Safety Group Program) and Workplace Medical, an organization that develops employee protection and case management best practices.

All Sunshine personnel receive the necessary health and safety training at least annually. All new staff receives site orientation and health and safety instruction and are required to study the Sunshine Health and Safety Manual. Sunshine’s sixty-eight page Health and Safety Manual is available upon request.


  • Foot Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Hand Protection
  • MSD (Muscular Skeletal Disorder), Repetitive Stress Prevention


  • What is a needle stick injury
  • Why are they hazardous
  • How can they occur
  • What to do if a needle stick injury is encountered


  • Risks associated with body fluids
  • Proper removal and disposal of waste
  • Proper use of supplies and equipment


  • Fire safety
  • Intruder, Unauthorized Persons
  • Injury



Sunshine has a system to identify and correct risks in order to optimize health and safety performance.Risk Identification

  • Review records of accidents, injuries, illnesses, and close calls
  • Look for trends or common factors
  • Survey employees
  • Inspect workplaces for potential safety and health problems
  • Watch employees work to spot unsafe work practices.

Risk Correction

  • Prioritize potential risks
  • Develop a plan for correcting them
  • Research best practices
  • Put controls in place
  • Provide the right protective equipment
  • Evaluate changes to make sure they have mitigated the potential risk

A commitment to health and safety requires a supportive culture. Sunshine fosters this culture through open and on-going dialogue about health and safety, encouraging all staff to make health and safety a top priority and encouraging them to be vigilant, and by recognizing employees who contribute to a positive health and safety record.

Mark Brouwers

Mark Brouwers is the Operations Manager at Sunshine Building Maintenance. He specializes in working collaboratively with clients to meet the specific cleaning needs of their building or facility.
Mark Brouwers