In our previous blog, we discussed some tips for developing a winter carpet cleaning plan. Thorough, frequent carpet cleaning is essential throughout the winter months. You can keep up the appearance of your carpets and extend their life through proper winter carpet care and maintenance.

The following carpet cleaning techniques are essential for proper winter cleaning:

1. Vacuum (Frequently)

Vacuuming keeps high-traffic carpeted areas clean. Frequent vacuuming should be in place in any effective carpet cleaning schedule. At least once a day, busy areas should be vacuumed. Not only will this ensure they stay clean, but it will stop the winter mess from migrating to other, less travelled, areas.

2. Pile Lifting

Pile lifting breaks up embedded dirt, making it much easier to remove. It also restores your carpet’s appearance, helping it to maintain its lustre even throughout the winter. Our pile lifter at Sunshine vacuums as we go, doing both jobs in one efficient step. As with vacuuming, pile lifting (especially in busy areas) should be a regular part of your carpet cleaning schedule.

3. Hot-Water Extraction

Hot-water extraction is another important component of a well-designed winter carpet care plan. This thorough carpet cleaning method is widely recommended by carpet manufacturers. Deeply penetrated salt and dirt are pushed up by high pressure hot water and water-based cleaning solution, then immediately vacuumed away.

Extraction should happen more often throughout the winter, as it addresses the deepest particles and dirt. It helps carpets continue to perform effectively, and even helps guard them against rapid re-soiling. When you incorporate hot-water extraction into your winter carpet cleaning schedule, you don’t have to worry that the salt, slush, and dirt of winter will ruin your carpets.

These three methods are extremely effective for maintaining your carpets throughout the winter months; your carpets will survive the winter looking as good as ever!

>> At Sunshine, we’re winter carpet cleaning experts! Don’t wait until your carpets are already showing signs of winter wear and tear – contact us today and we’ll help you develop a carpet cleaning plan that addresses your building’s specific needs.

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