Education Facilities

Keeping schools and their occupants healthy, clean and safe is a responsibility Sunshine does not take lightly. Educational institutions are the pride of a community, and Sunshine is dedicated to serving them well. This includes private and public schools, daycares, college/university campuses, and student residences.

Educational buildings require careful, constant, and detailed attention. Sunshine meets these challenges with professionalism, care, and flexibility to the ever-changing requirements of schools. All Sunshine cleaning teams assigned to primary and secondary schools are individually screened and cleared for this vulnerable sector.

Sunshine Building Maintenance provides a wide range of services for schools:

  • Maintenance or Post Construction
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Cleaning and Security Staff to cover community events and other third-party use of schools
  • Project Work and Detail Cleaning during school closures
  • Infection Control and Use of Non-Toxic, Environmentally Safe cleaning materials