Sunshine Support Team

The success of our Quality Assurance Program is due to our collaborative approach. The Sunshine support team plays an intricate role in delivering quality services to our clients and stakeholders. The Sunshine Support Team includes the following:


Mark Brouwers and Bill Houston are owner/operators of Sunshine and are hands on in all day to day activities. This ensures that Sunshine continues to be true to our core values and that we deliver on promises to our clients. We believe this provides our clients with the added benefit of knowing they are speaking with the decision makers that can act quickly on all matters.

Mark Brouwers and Bill Houston


Sunshine’s reputation as a consistent service provider is driven by our strong supervisory team. We believe in order to achieve consistent results, you must have a consistent approach. Each supervisor understands our philosophy and carries out their duties in accordance with our program. Some of the supervisor’s duties include: health & safety, overseeing cleaning activities, quality control inspections, project work management, training/coaching and support to all front-line staff. Each supervisor has an assigned backup in the event of vacation or illness, so we can ensure all locations are supported each day.

Daniel Kipien, Michelle Myers, Alain Belanger, Nuta Gulan, Carlos Zapata, Lindsey White, Connie Cuto, and Susie Medeiros


Our customer service representatives play an important role to our continued success by obtaining front line feedback from facility managers and end users through site visits at a predetermined frequency. The customer service representative has no operational responsibilities and therefore can be completely dedicated to ensuring excellent customer service . The findings from these visits are recorded in our CleanTelligent inspection software and shared with the assigned supervisor and senior management for the specific facility for follow up and correction.

Wafaa Ahmed, John Wegener, and Stella Papiernik


Our human resources team play an important role in our success. This team is responsible for our overall health & safety program, recruitment, staff training and scheduling of staff, which allows our supervisory team to focus on the employee, and site needs rather than recruitment and scheduling concerns. Sunshine also employs a team of float staff, which gives us the flexibility to cover in the event of unexpected absenteeism.

Stephanie deMan and Christine Adamczyk


Sunshine also employees its own in-house special services team who can provide ad hoc services such as carpet / upholstery cleaning, high-level cleaning, wood floor restoration and facility maintenance tasks to name a few. Our special services team are trained in the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) carpet cleaning methodology for best practices and certified for working at heights.


Our logistics and purchasing coordinator support our front-line workers by ensuring they have all the equipment and tools needed to perform their daily duties. The logistics coordinator also manages our ‘Preventative Maintenance Program’ and repairs required on auto scrubbers in partnership with Wise Equipment Repairs & Scrub Co. The logistics coordinator provides additional support to our management team by tracking KPI (Key Performance Indicators) from scheduled site visits, inspections and time on site for our supervisory team. This provides Sunshine and our customers with the confidence that all staff, services, and equipment are being properly supported.