Commercial Properties

Research has shown that employees are more productive and absenteeism is lower when employees are happy with their work environment. Sunshine recognizes that a clean and healthy environment is crucial to your organization’s image and performance. We work with our clients to evaluate their facility’s requirements and customize a service plan to ensure they get the most value for their investment.

Some of the components of our service plan include:

  • All cleaning products are Eco Logo, LEED Certified and made in Canada
  • HEPA-Filtered vacuum cleaners to improve indoor air Quality
  • Colour coded micro fibre cloths to eliminate cross contamination
  • All team members are fully bonded and supervised by Sunshine management personnel.
  • Comprehensive Washroom Consumables Program
  • Minor Maintenance Services
  • Scheduling cleaning to meet your needs
  • Day Time Cleaning
  • Portering Services
  • Evenings/Nights
  • Special Events