High Reach Cleaning Services

High areas can be some of the most difficult surfaces to reach or clean, even for your regular janitorial and cleaning crews. If you can’t get to places like beams, pipes, lights, and rafters by hand or with a tool on a telescopic handle, those high-reach zones can quickly turn into hard-to-access dust traps. High reach cleaning is ideal for buildings and facilities like:

  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Warehouses and Factories
  • School Gymnasiums
  • Retail (Especially Grocery Stores)
  • Event Venues

At Sunshine, our fully bonded personnel are specially trained and certified to clean high areas safely and effectively. Our industry-leading equipment, tools, and techniques let us see into and clean even the most troublesome nooks and crannies.

Sunshine’s Approach to Keeping High Ceilings Clean

We ensure your high areas get a complete clean by vacuuming, dusting and damp wiping to trap and capture the maximum amount of dust and grease buildup. Our multitasking approach prevents particles and residue from simply blowing around and reappearing elsewhere in your facility.

If there’s anything on the floor below that needs to be protected while our cleaning crews are working (like immovable equipment or stacked-and-stored product), we can cover it with plastic or a tarp to make sure no foreign materials fall into areas of concern. We’ll also take particular care around delicate items like security cameras and light fixtures.