Health and Safety

At Sunshine, we’re dedicated to making health and safety everyone’s top priority. Our integrated health and safety program prescribes to the highest standard, thanks to our proficient team members. With these trained experts leading the way, we are excited to partner with you and your organization on fulfilling all your health and safety goals.  We fully adopt client’s safety programs, integrating them into our site training.

Our emphasis on quality begins with our recruitment process. Sunshine recruiters select only the best candidates who not only demonstrate the skills needed to complete their tasks, but also a commitment to safety. We nurture this commitment through our orientation program. All Sunshine employees are trained in the required legislative health and safety areas-including WHMIS 2015, Worker Awareness and Working from Heights training. In addition, we put extra focus on Violence and Harassment in the Workplace training. Our programs are continuously reviewed and updated to ensure the best possible training program is provided to our staff.

Once this training has concluded, we then focus our efforts on site-specific training. This training is unique to your location as every location we service is different and has its own set of potential hazards.  We work with our clients to identify and report any hazards present. This helps ensure total safety-not just for the Sunshine staff but for everyone within your organization.