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Winter Carpet CleaningYou want your building to look spotless all year long – even in the winter, when it can be difficult to maintain a pristine appearance. If your building has carpets, winter is a particularly messy time. Salt, slush, and dirt is tracked inside and packed into the carpet fibers.

That’s why you must have a well-designed plan for carpet care throughout the winter months. You cannot just clean them “as they get dirty”, or “once every few months”. These strategies will not be effective. Only cleaning carpets once they look dirty is already too late – carpets hide particles deep within their fibers. This unseen dirt causes wear on the carpet, and damages its colour and appearance.

Cleaning professionals and facility managers should remember these tips when deciding on a strategy to protect their winter carpets:

1. Stop the Outside from Getting In

There are two ways to help stop the outside winter muck from getting in. The first is to wash outdoor areas more often. Pressure washing outdoor areas such as sidewalks on a regular basis in the winter will help reduce the amount of dirt coming into your building.

The second way to safeguard your building’s interior is to invest in some high quality mats. Mats absorb the offending slush, preventing it from getting any further into your facility. They also prevent slips. It is recommended for at least 4-5 meters of matting to be laid down at building entrances – they’ll soak up about 80% of incoming moisture.


2.Where’s the Wear?

Which areas of your building see the most wear? Usually, upper floors do not get as dirty, while areas like lobbies and waiting areas outside elevators become soiled very quickly. In fact, these high-traffic areas may need care several times a day to stay clean and hygienic – with all of the moisture during the winter, mold and bacteria can develop more easily within the carpet.


3. Formalize the Plan

Facility managers and cleaning companies need to collaborate to develop a sound strategy for keeping carpets clean and well-maintained throughout the winter. Create a consistent schedule and formalize it in writing to ensure the carpets aren’t neglected.

Do not put off carpet cleaning until after the winter is over. The damage is difficult to undo if winter soiling is left without care. Extend carpet life and keep it looking great throughout the winter by creating a thorough carpet care plan.

In our next blog on this topic, we will be discussing the specific methods that you should make sure are included in your winter carpet cleaning schedule.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance can help you develop and implement the right carpet care regimen for your building. Contact us now!

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