Floor StrippingFloor stripping is a process that completely removes old wax, soil, and grime from floors to restore them to a shining, like-new state. With powerful machinery, the top layer is removed from the floor surface; this allows the floors to be treated with a new substance to keep them fresh and clean.

As one of the most complicated and labour-intensive tasks for commercial cleaners, floor stripping should be handled with the utmost care. Unfortunately, mistakes are made by amateurs and professionals alike.

Avoid these common mistakes when stripping floors:

1. Being Unprepared

There are several ways that you can be unprepared when you begin to strip a floor.

Firstly, it is absolutely essential to know what type of floor you will be working on. The tools and chemicals that are appropriate for one floor may not be appropriate for another.

Next, make sure that you have all of the equipment you will need before you start stripping the floor, as not having the right tools can lead to lengthy delays in the process. Also make sure your equipment is clean beforehand. Using dirty mops and buckets is a bad practice, and will not produce quality results.

2. Being Unsafe

Always post safety cones around the work area to warn passers-by of the danger. Ensure that you are wearing the right safety gear at all times. This includes goggles, gloves, and safety slippers or non-slip shoes.

3. Creating a Work Area that is Too Big

Don’t try to work in a huge area all at once. Instead, section off smaller parts of the floor to work on one at a time. You do not want the floor to dry in one area while you’re working in another. Don’t be shy with the stripper – use enough in the area you’re working on to ensure the floor stays wet.

4. Diluting the Stripper Improperly

Most strippers must be diluted with water before being used. Stronger is not equal to better, so do not assume you are getting a more thorough clean if the stripper isn’t diluted. Usually, the manufacturer of the stripper recommends cold water for diluting.

5. Hurrying

Allow for the stripper solution to sit on the floor for long enough. It must have time to penetrate the existing floor wax, dirt, and finish before the next phase of floor stripping can begin. 5-10 minutes is generally enough. For extremely bad floors, such as those that are exceptionally aged or that have heavy residue buildup, it may be necessary to apply more stripper once the first round becomes saturated and dirty.

The best way to accomplish quality floor stripping is to hire a professional, experienced cleaning company who takes the time to ensure that the job is done right. These mistakes are all easily avoided when cleaners are knowledgeable and give the proper care to the task at hand.

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