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According to the World Health Organization, workplace exposure to fumes, gases, and dust are responsible for 11% of asthma cases worldwide. And some estimates suggest that 20% of new cases of asthma in adults are work-related. One way that Sunshine endeavours to keep your office environment clean isn’t visible, and that’s why we use HEPA vacuums.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Cleaning for appearances only removes visible, surface-level soil and contaminants, while cleaning for health removes microscopic bacteria, dust, and fine airborne particulate—some of the largest contributors to poor indoor air quality.

For this reason, Sunshine is working towards making HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners mandatory at all of our job sites. At Sunshine, we go beyond clean appearances, and ensure that surfaces are sparkling clean to the eye as well as clean for your health.

HEPA—What it Means

HEPA is an acronym that stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and refers to a vacuum’s filtration system process.

HEPA filters are extremely dense and capture 99.97% of airborne particulate larger than 0.3 micrometres (like dust mites and pollen). Additionally, HEPA vacuums are sealed to ensure that all air that passes through the filter is contained, not leaking dust out. This process ensures that airborne particulate is not simply vacuumed and returned to your workplace’s interior airspace.

HEPA filters are made of thin glass fibres that are converted into a high-density paper. The paper is then tightly pleated into a dense filter permitting the filtering of significant volumes of air. This attention to detail makes HEPA vacuums ideal for office cleaning, institutional cleaning (such as hospitals) and high-density residential cleaning (such as condominiums and retirement communities).

HEPA vacuums dramatically reduce airborne allergens caused by pollen, dust, and other environmental elements, making work and living environments more comfortable for everyone—including allergy and asthma sufferers.

>> Sunshine is committed to excellence in cleaning and recent innovations in organizational and institutional cleaning. To discover more about Sunshine’s Stewardship Principles, click here.

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