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Green CleaningGreen cleaning is essential for the health and safety of building occupants, cleaning personnel, and the environment. For a full breakdown on the importance of green cleaning, click here to see our previous post on the topic.

Restrooms are present in every building, and they are areas that require frequent cleaning. Therefore, it is particularly crucial to use green cleaning products and procedures for washroom cleaning, to keep them safe, clean, and healthy. There are many safer alternatives to toxic and harsh cleaning products and methods.

Use the Right Green Products …

Washrooms should be cleaned with green-certified products, made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients. This means products that have been approved by a recognized third party certification program (such as EcoLogo or Green Seal).

Furthermore, highly concentrated green chemicals should be selected. This reduces packaging waste and environmental costs associated with transportation.

… Properly …

Using green products is only the beginning – using them properly is equally vital.

It is essential for concentrated chemicals to be diluted properly. Proper dilution ensures that the cleaning products are not wasted. It is also healthier and more eco-friendly to use green products as intended by the manufacturer.

Another component of proper chemical use is dwell time. Many cleaning chemicals are optimally effective when they are able to dwell on the surface being cleaned. Adhering to product-specific dwell times before wiping provides a better clean. It also reduces chemical waste.

Chemicals should not be applied directly on surfaces (such as restroom mirrors or countertops), but rather used on cloths first. When this is done, fewer chemical vapours are released into the air.

To reduce the amount of chemicals needed, microfiber products and vapour or steam-heat cleaning should be used.

… In the Right Areas.

Finally, green cleaning means cleaning appropriately as needed. Low-touch areas do not need to be cleaned as often, and reducing the frequency of cleaning for these spots will save on chemical usage.

The areas that should be focused on for effective washroom cleaning are high-touch areas, or touch points. Surfaces such as toilet seats, faucets, automatic door push plates, or buttons on dryers should be emphasized.

Green cleaning in washrooms is really that simple: Use the right green products properly in the right areas.

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