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Proper hard floor cleaning and on-going maintenance of hard floor surfaces can enhance their appearance and prolong their life.

In this post, we provide information about Marmoleum flooring as well as tips and advice on how this hard floor surface should be cared for.


Marmoleum is an all-natural product composed primarily of linseed oil. It contains pigments, which are by-products of sustainably harvested wood and jute fabric. The material is dyed throughout, and as a result the colours maintain their brightness and resist fading.

No toxins are used in the process and the flooring does not release any volatile chemicals. Adhesives used to install Marmoleum are also non-toxic, which make this an eco-friendly flooring option.

Marmoleum also has hygienic benefits. According to Living Green Magazine, it has natural anti-bacterial properties that hinder the growth of harmful micro-organisms because of the on-going oxidation of the linseed oil. This makes Marmoleum an ideal choice for sterile environments.

How to care for Marmoleum:

The dye used in the colouring of marmoleum is susceptible to high pH. This will cause bleeding to occur when it is exposed to strippers and heavy-duty cleaners.

To avoid this exposure, sealers that require strong strippers for removal should not be used, and it is therefore important to select the right type of sealer to protect marmoleum surfaces.

When removing sealer material, it is best to use low pH strippers and to rinse the surface well. Once stripped, sufficient coats of finishing product must be applied.

Important Facts to Remember About Marmoleum:

• Marmoleum is an environmentally-friendly choice

• Marmoleum is dyed and resists fading

• Marmoleum requires a low pH stripper when being removed

• Marmoleum requires numerous coats of finishing product

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