Keeping your carpets well-maintained is essential for a clean, attractive, and hygienic building. Without regular cleaning, carpets will collect dirt and debris; they will be stained and require a costly replacement. Avoid this with a careful carpet cleaning schedule implemented by professionals who use appropriate and effective techniques.

Different areas in your building are best served by certain vacuums and vacuuming techniques. Using the right ones not only saves time, but also improves results. Vacuuming Tips


Large Areas

For larger areas in your building, a wider upright vacuum or backpack vacuum is ideal.

If using the wide upright vacuum, make sure it has one pass cleaning ability – a dual-motor upright vacuum, for example. Then, vacuum in overlapping parallel rows. A back and forth motion does not serve as well in a larger area.

If using the backpack vacuum, the best approach is to sweep the aluminum wand in a wide arc. Twisting at the waist, sweep the wand over the area. This technique is quick and effective.


Small Areas

Small areas are the simplest to vacuum. For these spaces, use a back and forth motion spreading out from one spot.


High Soil Load Areas

These are the most crucial places to keep clean. A rigorous maintenance schedule of high soil load carpet areas will help keep the rest of your building clean by preventing dirt from moving to other locations.


High soil load areas are places like:

  • The first 12 meters inside your facility’s entryway
  • Elevators and elevator waiting areas
  • Outside restrooms
  • Carpeted stairwells
  • Floor transition areas (e.g. from hard flooring to carpet)
  • Gathering points, such as copiers

These areas need concentrated vacuuming and cleaning to ensure a high standard of appearance. Any method that agitates the soil from the carpet and removes it is recommended. This can mean anything from a vacuum with a brush bar, to the bonnet shampooing method.


The Bottom Line

Carpets need to be treated with the right products, the right techniques, and the right equipment. Your facility needs a dedicated cleaning company who knows the best way to approach different carpeted areas, so that you will see the best results.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance will work with you to create a carpet cleaning plan that meets your facility’s needs. Contact us today to get started.

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