Carpet spots and stains impact not only the appearance of the carpet, but the appearance of your entire facility. If a carpet is dirty, that may be one of the first things people notice upon entering your building. Luckily, preventative carpet maintenance can keep carpets looking pristine for longer periods of time between deeper carpet cleanings.

The entryway is particularly at risk, because dirt is trekked in from outside – constantly. 30% of dirt is left within the first three feet of the entrance, falling off of people’s shoes as they enter. This problem can be minimized by using 10 to 15 feet of matting at the entrances.

Beyond the matting, though, vacuuming is the key to preventative carpet cleaning.

Most particles lodged in the carpet – about 95% – are dry particles. Vacuuming can take care of these bits before they turn into deeper spots and stains. Vacuums eliminate most of the dirt, dust, and allergens (such as pollen) that wear down the carpets if left unchecked. Regular vacuuming also contributes to improved indoor air quality.

Efficient and cost-effective, a frequent vacuuming schedule will keep the carpets cleaner than additional carpet extractions would. We recommend daily vacuuming for high traffic areas (such as the entryway), 2-3 days per week for moderate traffic areas, and once a week for everywhere else. Of course, this type of rigorous vacuuming schedule may not be feasible for everyone; in which case, just increasing the frequency of vacuuming as much as you can will be beneficial.

Preventative carpet cleaning extends the lifespan of your carpets, increasing the amount of time before deep carpet extraction is needed, and keeps your facility looking well-kept.

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