Remove Gum from CarpetWe can all agree that gum has no place on our carpets. It makes a carpet look dirty and neglected; and on top of that, it’s a pain to remove.

Although a cleaning service like Sunshine will have no trouble getting rid of the gum for you, you may want to do some damage control right away. Gum is a sticky business. You have to get to it as quickly as possible. The more it’s stepped on and the longer it has to set, the more difficult it will be to clean off. Even after the gum or adhesive has been cleaned, the sticky residue will leave a visible spot after a few days if the process is not thorough enough.

Here are 2 key ways to go about removing carpet-gum:

1. Freeze: Using ice cubes in a plastic bag or a cold pack, freeze the piece of gum. Lay the ice onto it and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. As it cools, the gum will harden and be easier to lift from the carpet.

Once the gum is suitably frozen, it can be scraped off. Chip and scrape as much of the gum as possible off the carpet, re-freezing trouble spots and repeating as necessary.

2. Heat: Heat can work as either an initial method for removing gum or a secondary step after freezing.

If the freezing method hasn’t already been used, the gob of gum can be heated up (something as simple as a hair dryer will work). As the gum becomes more malleable, it can be gently pulled up from the carpet by putting your hand in a plastic bag.

After most of the offending adhesive has been removed by either freezing or heating, the ideal next step is hot-water or steam extraction. This will require a professional cleaning service, and is the best way to ensure that no traces of stickiness or stain are left. It is the deepest carpet cleaning method.

Alternatively, chemicals can be used to remove the remaining residue. This does not always work as well as hot-water extraction, but it is an option. Apply a non-volatile dry solvent, volatile dry solvent, or gel solvent and allow it to soak in. Work the solvent into the residue, then rinse with detergent and hot water.

After these methods have been completed, it is still important to do a carpet clean. This will ensure that all traces of the adhesive are eliminated and the carpet is restored to top condition.

>> Sunshine offers comprehensive carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your building’s needs.

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