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Is Your Office Making Your Employees Sick?It’s no surprise that a clean office means fewer sick days for your employees. Unclean workplaces have many places for bacteria to lurk – especially on commonly touched surfaces such as the phone, keyboard, light switch, or doorknob. The list goes on.

Naturally, cleaning is important all year round; but, it may be particularly important during the winter months. Commercial buildings are closed up throughout the winter. This means less air flow during the times when colds and flus run rampant.

Furthermore, there are many trends within the office that are contributing to unhealthy workplaces:

  • Employees working longer hours, spending longer amounts of time among places that may be rarely cleaned (when is the last time your keyboard was cleaned?)
  • Office spaces are being reduced, forcing employees to work more closely together
  • Employees are increasingly eating at their desks
  • People sneeze, cough, or yawn without covering their mouth
  • Some employees leave the washroom without thoroughly washing their hands

Commercial office cleaning can truly improve the health, productivity, and attendance of employees.

For example, bacteria can live for months in soft carpets – along with food particles, dirt, pollen, dander, and dead skin. Vacuuming simply cannot reach the bottom of the carpet, where this debris eventually settles. Regular, thorough carpet cleanings are needed to reach the depths of the carpet fibers and truly clean them.

Another example of how to implement an effective office cleaning regimen to improve health is to schedule recurring touch-point cleaning with safe germicidal products. This will ensure that bacteria cannot build up and be spread on those commonly-touched places throughout the office.

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