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School CleaningThe summer is the ideal time for empty schools to be thoroughly cleaned. Free of occupants for a few months, the janitorial staff sets to work on the rigorous cleaning tasks that are difficult to achieve during the school year. It’s important to get schools as clean as possible for the new school year, to provide students with a healthy learning environment, and to limit the spread of illness when the weather turns colder.

The following three things are crucial to having a successful summer clean of any school building.

1. Plan

The most important thing of all is to plan. A comprehensive cleaning strategy should be laid out from the get-go, to ensure that every important area is addressed throughout the summer cleaning season. In addition to the large cleaning tasks, the plan should include smaller items such as evaluating the status of all cleaning equipment, and throwing out old chemicals and materials.

2. Floor Care

It can be hard to keep floors clean in schools when the children are running in and out constantly throughout the day… and bringing the outside IN. Summer is the perfect opportunity to do the more intensive care tasks that the floor really needs. This may include stripping, refurbishing, scrubbing, etc.

3. Odour Control

Sometimes kids do things that are unhygienic, and sometimes bad odours accumulate inside of schools. Unfortunately, bad smells can negatively impact learning. The summer can be used to eliminate the odours from the property. Products and techniques that effectively reduce or remove odour should be used, rather than those that simply mask the smells.


Make sure your school is ready for the new school year with a solid summer cleaning program.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance has experience cleaning educational institutions to the standards needed to ensure the health and safety of students. Contact us today to discuss setting up a cleaning program for your educational environment.

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