sick-leave-canadaAccording to a recent article in the Business Canada section of the Huffington Post, the Canadian economy suffers a loss of more than $16 billion per year due to absenteeism.

That’s not even the whole story; the bottom line is not the only cost of absenteeism. “The [$16 billion per year] estimate does not include any indirect costs associated with a worker being away, like finding a replacement, delays and missed deadlines and a reduction in employee morale.”

Workplace absence can be caused by a variety of issues, including illness or stress. While there are differences in the number of sick days taken by different genders, age groups, and those who work in different sectors or regions, absenteeism is a concern for all businesses and organizations.

The article also mentions the potential consequences when employees do not take a sick day. The workplace experiences “lost productivity when someone goes into the office sick and can’t perform their work or if others have to take time off because they’ve come into contact with someone who was contagious”.

As we see it, the key is to help employees avoid falling ill. Whether they need to take a sick day or they attend work while sick, the business is impacted. The best situation is for them not to become sick in the first place.

That is where professional office cleaning services can play a crucial role. Ensuring that the workplace is clean, hygienic, and free of viruses and bacteria makes a real difference for office health. We believe that applying safe, green cleaning processes (such as using micro fibre cloths) is the difference between a sick and a healthy workplace.

Another important service to keep your office healthy is touch point cleaning. Touch point cleaning is the sanitizing and disinfecting of surfaces that are in frequent contact with multiple people. This includes places like door handles, elevator buttons, and light switches. Just keeping these surfaces clean can stop cross-infection in its tracks.

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