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Day cleaning is a new trend in the cleaning industry, and increasing numbers of condominiums and corporate locations are choosing to implement it. Essentially, instead of cleaning staff coming in overnight, they complete many cleaning tasks throughout the day.

Cleaning companies will usually customize the day cleaning program depending on the specific needs of each customer. Typically, lighter tasks such as dusting, cleaning, disinfecting, and emptying garbage containers will be done during the day. More in-depth cleaning, such as comprehensive vacuuming or mopping, would be completed before or after business hours.

Many buildings and facilities that adopt a day cleaning model never return to night cleaning. Read on to discover the 4 key advantages of a day cleaning program.

1. Reduce Energy Consumption

Implementing a day cleaning program will decrease your energy consumption. In turn, this reduces both costs and environmental impact.

Cleaning at night means that the lights and the HVAC system – which would otherwise be turned off or significantly reduced – must remain on. It is estimated that cleaning during the day can save 2-3% of total electricity use.

Particularly as energy costs rise, reducing energy consumption will become a prime consideration for building managers.

2. Increase Tenant/Employee Confidence

When a daytime cleaning routine is executed properly, most tenants/employees, report that they feel as though the building is cleaner. Psychologically, being able to see the cleaners at work and even getting to know them individually, has a significant impact on tenants’/employees’ confidence about the quality of cleaning.

3. Improve Response Time

Having cleaning staff present during the day allows them to ensure that high-traffic areas, such as washrooms and lobbies, are cleaned as needed. Small problems can be taken care of before they become larger issues. For example, the lobby can be cleaned multiple times during days of bad weather to prevent more permanent damage from occurring.

A faster response time to take care of full garbage bags and unclean restrooms improves the cleanliness and health of your building.

4. Enhance Overnight Security

Finally, if the cleaners are not in the building at night, alarm systems and security guards can be more effective. Security guards can be certain that no doors should be unlocked or left open when they don’t have to take the presence of cleaners into consideration.


It is essential for any building manager who wants to implement a day cleaning program to properly communicate with tenants/employees beforehand. When communication is open and all parties know what to expect, a day cleaning program can be very successful.

At Sunshine, we recognize that day cleaning does not make sense for all locations. It is, however, possible to develop a specialized program that will still be effective for energy savings and client satisfaction.

>> Sunshine is dedicated to excellent cleaning for all environments. Contact us today to discuss a tailored cleaning solution for your space.


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