Sunshine has been dedicated to innovative cleaning methods and equipment since 1952. But we can’t be on your site all the time. Have you had a sudden mess that you didn’t know how to handle until we could get there? Here’re some tips for removing tough carpet and upholstery stains by the way of our friends at the David Suzuki Foundation.

Tough Cleaning Situations

We routinely deal with stubborn carpet and upholstery stains from spilled punch and wine from office Christmas parties. Sunshine uses only the best-in-class environmentally green cleaners and advanced, quiet equipment to remove stains. We have three industry-leading methods for removing carpet and upholstery stains.

Stain Removing Tips—From David Suzuki

David Suzuki’s website suggests that for residential cleaning people should consider switching to stain removers made from plant oils instead of harsh chemicals. At Sunshine we are similarly determined to use the most effective green cleaning products.

So if you spill a glass of punch or wine on the carpet or that office sofa, follow these three tips until we can get there:

(1) Act Quickly: Deal with the stain as soon as possible to avoid it setting into the fabric or carpet pile.

(2) Be Cool: Hot water will set a stain—use cold water only.

(3) Blot Don’t Rub: Rubbing a stain can hurt the fabric or carpet’s surface and pushes the stain deeper. Try gentle blotting or dabbling with a cold, wet cloth.

Then leave the rest to Sunshine!

>> Sunshine has over sixty years’ experience dealing with tough stains. Contact us today to discover how we can effectively clean your organization’s space until it sparkles again.

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