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Workplace safety is crucial in every setting; however, it is particularly vital for industrial workplaces to be mindful of hazards. People who work with chemicals and machinery can suffer dire consequences if safety measures are overlooked. The Ontario Ministry of Labour highlights the importance of prevention in a workplace health and safety strategy.

Proper is a fundamental component of a comprehensive workplace safety plan. The best services will focus on these areas:

Dirt and Dust

In any industrial workplace, dust and dirt will inevitably build up. The ventilation system will not be able to adequately capture all of the debris. Tools and equipment become dirty with use. Airborne dust settles on light fixtures, reducing brightness and visibility.

A thorough cleaning of dirt and dust stops potentially hazardous build-ups. Everything from shelves to pipes should be dusted. Safe machine-cleaning procedures must be followed to remove dirt from machinery.

Specialized industrial vacuums have fittings for properly cleaning walls, ceilings, machinery, and everywhere else that dirt and dust settle. Manual cleaning should be employed in places where the vacuum fittings cannot reach.


Workplace health involves sanitary facilities for employees. A regular schedule for the complete cleaning of break rooms, kitchens, and washrooms/shower-rooms should be instituted, accompanied by daily upkeep.

Keeping clean facilities prevents the spread of illness, and also decreases the chance of toxic material residue causing harm.


Dirty, greasy, or wet floors are a leading cause of dangerous accidents, such as slips and falls. While it is obvious that spilled liquids must be cleaned up immediately, it is also necessary to engage in frequent floor maintenance.

Chips, shavings, dust, and other materials that collect on the floor can also cause problems. Well-maintained floors provide the most secure footing. Depending on the specific requirements of each building, different floor cleaning methods can be employed to ensure worker safety.

Proper cleaning is one of the central parts in a complete industrial workplace safety program. While these three areas are crucial for any strategy, each workplace will have specific cleaning and maintenance challenges to address.

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