It’s that time of year again. Sidewalks will soon be snowy and slushy, with lots of road salt and sand. And all that grime will be trudged into your office space and mashed deep into your carpets. The only thing that you can do is to give your carpets the good, rich cleaning that they deserve for their mistreatment.

Sunshine is your preferred carpet-cleaning solution for commercial and institutional spaces. We know carpet-cleaning. Sunshine provides three exemplary carpet-maintenance strategies as part of our industry-leading “Carpet Appearance Management Program”:

(1) The Bonnet Method: Bonnet shampooing is similar to but more gentle than hard-floor buffing. A rotary or oscillating brush drives wet pads deep into the carpet pile to remove even the most firmly lodged grime. With the Bonnet method, the carpet is sprayed with a cleaning solution and the pads themselves are also soaked in the solution prior to scrubbing, and the machine’s agitation dislodges the hard-to-remove particles, which are then vacuumed up.

(2) Hot-Water or Steam-Extraction Method: This is the one method that carpet manufacturers universally recommend. The primary reason is that this method is the deepest carpet-cleaning method. Other methods—with the exception of the Bonnet method—are mainly surface treatments, which only remove surface stains and don’t take care of the deeper salt and soil penetration.

It works by having a concentrated hot jet of water and detergent-solution sprayed into the carpet to force dirt and salt out of the fibres. The water-detergent solution and dislodged particulate are immediately sucked up by a powerful vacuum. This is the one method that does not leave detergent or other chemicals behind in the carpet, too, ultimately making it one of the most successful methods for cleaning, while also the most beneficial for employees as indoor-air quality is improved.

(3) Carpet-Pile Lifting: A comprehensive carpet-maintenance program should also include pile-lifting. Sunshine offers a meticulous pile-lifting service that restores carpets to their near-original, new appearance. Our pile-lifter sweeps and vacuums simultaneously, breaking up and removing embedded particulate. Thereafter, the pile-lifter’s sweeping action lifts the carpet pile to its original height and look. This is a highly recommended service to add to your organization’s carpet-cleaning maintenance schedule, particularly for high-traffic carpet areas.

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