Sunshine’s mission statement speaks to the significance of quality in our day to day operations.

Sunshine is committed to providing and continually improving contract cleaning services guaranteed to meet customer requirements. Our services are delivered right the first time through a dedicated, stable and fully trained workforce compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.

Sunshine’s reliable and consistent service delivery is driven by its Quality Assurance Program.

All members of the Sunshine team are accountable for quality control and continuous improvement. This philosophy is reinforced in our training and rewards and recognition programs. By engaging our staff, we are able to proactively identify and take advantage of practices to enhance overall performance and customer satisfaction.

The components of our quality assurance program are:

  • Inspection Process
  • Preventative and Corrective Action Program
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Information Technology
  • Collaboration with our Supply Chain
  • Process Optimization
  • Rewards and Recognition Program

INSPECTION PROCESS Inspections play a critical role in our quality control program.

Each site is regularly inspected by:

  • Cleaning staff who perform the work
  • Area Supervisors during off hours
  • District Supervisors during day shift via client visits
  • Senior and Executive Management via unscheduled inspections and client visits


While inspections are one tool for measuring performance, our Corrective and Preventative Action Program is designed to drive our commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Corrective and Preventative Action is based on the feedback from:

  • Customers
  • Employees Feedback
  • 3rd party surveys
  • Audits performed by our suppliers

Feedback concerning problems or suggestions for improvement are escalated to the Operations Manager and District Supervisor. If items require immediate attention, the Operations Manager and District supervisor act immediately.

Feedback from all sources is reviewed, along with results from field inspections, during weekly Operations and Management Meetings.

Action Plans are developed to resolve any issues or to take advantage of improvement opportunities.

The Action Plans are project managed:

  • A Champion is assigned to lead the investigation and facilitate meetings with all appropriate parties
  • A team is assembled, including internal and external personnel
  • Projects are reviewed on regular basis at all levels of the organization
  • Each corrective action receives closure and follow-up to ensure the action is having the desired effect


What you can’t measure, you can’t manage. Aside from closely monitoring financial performance, Sunshine uses Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to continually assess the effectiveness of our processes.

We strive to be a world class company; therefore we target a minimum score of 95% in our KPI performance.

Example KPI’s are:

  1. Employee Turnover Rate.
  2. Inventory by SKU by location.
  3. Number of complaints (where applicable) and inspection scores by Site, Customer, Supervisor, Employee
  4. Supplier Performance by Quality, Service Level, Ease of doing business, Price
  5. Response Times on regular customer requests and on emergencies


Sunshine uses a number of information technology tools to manage our Quality Assurance Program. The central technology is Cleantelligent, a leading janitorial inspections software system. Sunshine is one of the first cleaning companies in Canada to implement the Cleantelligent software.

Cleantelligent is a web based and provides all users with real time access. Inspection data is fed into the Cleantelligent system using smart phone technology and immediately updates the database.

This gives Sunshine management personnel immediate information about each of the sites cleaned and inspected.

By using Cleantelligent, we are able to better support our staff by providing customized training to address areas for improvement, while keeping our eye on the “big picture” by monitoring our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).


Our supplier partners are an integral part of the Sunshine team, and are fully integrated in our day to day operations:

  • Keep us informed about new products, equipment, technology, cleaning methods and best practices
  • Provide training and technical support to all levels of the Sunshine organization
  • Perform external audits on our processes and practices and provide feedback
  • Perform 3rd party confidential surveys with our customers in order to provide us with feedback on our overall performance


One of the keys to Sunshine’s sustained success is its willingness to challenge current processes and a commitment to adopt practices that improve customer satisfaction.

As a result, all processes are continuously monitored and evaluated based on input from all stakeholders; customers, suppliers, employees.

Proposed changes are reviewed at the management level, and are implemented and monitored by our very experienced supervisory staff. Every process has control points to ensure it is being properly executed and that the necessary data is being collected to monitor effectiveness and results.


A critical element of the Sunshine Quality Assurance Program is the commitment level of all employees; in particular supervisory and cleaning staff.

It is therefore important to recognize their efforts, and we consistently do so through activities such as:

  • Announcements and recognition in our news letters
  • Organizing on site events like “Pizza Day”, “Tim’s Day” etc.
  • Giving out gift cards for family dinners, sports events etc.
  • Encourage growth of staff through training, supporting continuous education and job promotions

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