Sunshine in the Community

At Sunshine, we think it is important to invest in our surrounding communities, which is why we have supported numerous athletic teams, charities, scholarships and fund-raisers over the years. In addition, we have been regular supporters of The Halton Learning Foundation and The Halton Catholic Children’s Education Foundation. Both these foundations work to provide valuable assistance to families in need of support.

Sunshine also supports our communities through a variety of client foundations, including: Royal Botanical Gardens, Niagara College and Renison University College.

Some of our other benefactors have been:


Since 1963, the Centre has welcomed individuals in need and provided, free of charge, the basic necessities of life.  Sunshine helps the Centre through its annual Good Shepherd Ministy Drive to both raise awareness and encourage clothing donations. We retrieve the gently-used articles on site and seek contributions from our large network of employees.


Have you seen us on the Big Bike?  It’s a heart-pumping, cheer-thumping, crazy big, fun ride! Last summer, we pedalled through Burlington to support critical heart disease and stroke research.  Our team felt good while “doing good.”  Our fundraising efforts assisted in critical research in hospitals and universities across Canada.