Prevent GraffitiGraffiti is not something you want on your building, whether it’s a commercial building, institution, or condominium. Graffiti vandalism makes a poor first impression on visitors to your building, conveying a negative image of your company or establishment.

If your building is tagged by graffiti vandals, it is important to get it removed as quickly as possible to avoid any negative impact. Particularly because graffiti attracts more graffiti, and can get out of hand before you know it.

The best approach is to prevent graffiti before it happens. We can recommend several different approaches to help stop graffiti vandals from defacing your building.

Strategies to Prevent Graffiti

Proper Maintenance: Locations that look run-down are more appealing targets for graffiti vandals, as the poor state of the site may suggest to them that no one will bother to remove their tags for a longer period of time. Well-maintained buildings suggest that their graffiti will not be left in place.

Decorated Walls: Plants, such as ivy or vines, can be planted along your building’s wall to reduce the available space for graffiti. Alternatively, a large mural on the wall discourages graffiti because the wall is no longer a blank slate waiting to be marked up.

Protective Coating: When appropriate, anti-graffiti protective coatings can be applied to your building. These can be either “catcher-coats” (made of silicone/wax or water-based polysaccharide compositions) or chemical-resistant coatings. The anti-graffiti coatings we use at Sunshine are safe for your surfaces, and eco-friendly too!

Adequate Lighting: Better lighting around your building at night will deter graffiti vandals, by increasing the risk that they will be seen or caught.

Dark Paint Colours: If your walls are painted, consider a darker colour. Graffiti won’t be as visible against a dark background colour, making it less worthwhile for vandals.

None of these preventative measures will guarantee that you won’t see graffiti on your building again in the future – but they are the best ways to prevent and deter it!

If graffiti does show up, you should be sure to remove it immediately. When graffiti vandals see their work disappear almost as soon as it is put up, they will be discouraged from continuing to vandalise that site. Graffiti removed within 24 to 48 hours is very rarely repeated.

>> The Sunshine team is available on short notice to remove any graffiti on your building. We use appropriate methods, chemicals, and equipment for your specific surface. Contact us as soon as you see graffiti!

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