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If your building has an underground parking lot, many of the people who occupy your building – whether they are tenants, consumers, or professionals – use it. The parking lot is part of your building and can leave a lasting first impression. Therefore, a dirty parking lot is simply not an option.

Clean surfaces look better, last longer, and are safer for pedestrians. Accumulated grime, salt residue, and dirt will slowly wear away at the concrete surface, leaving them in poor condition. Occupants are in greater danger of being injured by the slip, trip, and fall hazard presented by shifting contaminants on the ground.

Pressure washing, also referred to as power washing, is the best way to ensure your underground parking lot is clean and presentable. After a session of pressure washing, your underground parking will be fresh and attractive, so your building’s exterior reflects the care you put into maintaining its interior.

This type of cleaning is ideal for large underground parking lots because it cleans large areas in a fraction of the time it would take to clean them manually. Furthermore, pressure washing gets to the deep grime that manual cleaning may miss.

The best approach is to first sweep the underground garage with dust control methods, using a combination of mechanical sweepers and push brooms. This step ensures that all loose dirt is picked up before the pressure washing begins.

Next, the area is power washed with high pressure equipment. Through pressure washing, a professional cleaning company can remove oil stains, skid marks, salt residue, and other tough spots. These contaminants will degrade your flooring if left untreated.

At Sunshine Building Maintenance, we are committed to using green products and methods that preserve the environment and the health of building occupants. As such, we recommend that tested and proven environmentally-friendly cleaning fluids are used; they will cut through stubborn grime while enhancing safety and environmental health. We also suggest placing landscape fabric over all sewer grates to stop debris from washing into the drains; this will eliminate future maintenance costs of having your drains cleaned.

Pressure washing is safe, effective, and efficient. It protects parking lots from long-term damage, and presents a clean exterior for your building’s visitors.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance provides pressure washing services for building exteriors, including underground parking lots. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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