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Keeping your building clean is about more than simply making it look good. It also helps maintain the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives in it, works in it, and uses it—increasing productivity by up to 8% each year and reducing the $16 billion in lost revenue sick days cost Canadian businesses annually.

The main culprits responsible for spreading illness-causing bacteria are “touch points,” surfaces that come into frequent contact by multiple people like:

  • Light switches.
  • Sink faucets.
  • Microwave buttons and handles.
  • Computer accessories.

You can keep your building clean by making touch point cleaning a regular part of your office’s cleaning routine, scheduling recurring services to get rid of germs and keep everyone in your building feeling their best.

Check out this infographic from ISSA to see what benefits a clean building can bring to you:

The Value of Clean


At Sunshine Building Maintenance, we use the most advanced, proven, and safe germicidal products and best practices to keep your building disinfected and clean. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs!

More about Touch Point Cleaning from Sunshine:

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