Microfiber clothsDust control is a concern for a wide variety of buildings – such as industrial facilities that create a lot of dust, office buildings that must look pristine, or schools that want to cut down on asthma triggers.

If dust control is important for your building, you should find out whether your professional janitorial company is using microfiber clothes.

Microfiber is an innovative and hugely beneficial cleaning technology, which is now used to make cloths, dusters, and mops. Due to its intelligent design at a microscopic level, it is able to pick up significantly more dirt and dust than the material used for conventional cloths and mops.

Facts about microfiber that make it a superior cleaning option:

  • Has over 15 times the surface area of other material due to “microscopic splitting” of its fibers
  • Better preserves delicate surfaces
  • Allows chemical-free cleaning, further reducing potential irritants to building occupants
  • Removes 99% of bacteria, compared to traditional products’ 30% removal
  • Creates a static charge which actually attracts dirt (earning it the nickname “dirt magnet”)
  • Lighter material than conventional products
  • Can increase cleaning productivity by up to 40%
  • Lasts longer

A professional cleaning company that uses microfiber will do a more effective and efficient job when cleaning your building. You’ll be able to say goodbye to dust and bacteria every time they clean!

>> Sunshine uses microfiber as part of our green cleaning initiative. Contact us to request a quote or submit a request for proposal.

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