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Long-term care facilities and retirement homes need the expertise of a professional cleaning company that knows the unique requirements of these environments and is equipped to meet them.

Proper cleaning for long-term care homes is more like that of a hospital than of an office or commercial building. A janitorial company who treats long-term care homes with the special attention they require will bring the following benefits:

Sunshine Building MaintenanceReduce the Spread of Illness and Infection

The elderly residents of long-term care homes often have compromised immune systems or are already dealing with health concerns. Infection prevention and overall cleanliness are therefore critically important.

A company providing professional cleaning services to a long-term or retirement home should, first and foremost, be concerned with maintaining strict cleanliness standards to help reduce illness. This includes regularly disinfecting touch points to reduce cross-contamination and bacteria spread, adhering to guidelines set by government and health entities, and ensuring all staff have current flu shots, immunizations, and medical tests.

In Ontario, cleaning companies charged with servicing long-term care facilities should meet (or exceed!) best practice standards laid out in the Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC).

Improve the Health of Residents

More than just reducing illness, effective long-term care facility cleaning services should include measures for safeguarding the overall health of residents.

Green cleaning products and methods should be used to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the cleaning process.  Particularly, volatile organic compound (VOC)-free, fragrance-free, and dye-free cleaning materials should be used.  VOCs, for example, can cause adverse short and long-term health effects.

Another way cleaning companies support residents’ health is through appropriate handling of their bedding and other materials.

Improve the Comfort of the Residents

Your janitorial company should understand that the residents of a retirement home or long-term care facility aren’t just receiving medical care there – they are living there. It is their home.

Residents should be as minimally disturbed as possible during the regular activities of cleaning. A good cleaning company should customize a schedule with the home administrator that will decrease disruptions. They should also use noise-reduced equipment.

A clean building is a comfortable and safe building. The residents’ families will also feel at ease, knowing their loved ones are in a hygienic and healthy environment.

Perform Additional Duties

Some professional cleaning companies that work with long-term care homes will be able to offer a range of extra services.

This may include:

  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry services
  • Fully certified Personal Support Workers (PSWs) to assist the nursing staff
  • Dietary aid (providing cleaning and assistance to the kitchen, cafeteria, or dining room)

These additional services can be of great help to long-term care facilities, making the experience better for residents and staff alike.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance is an experienced cleaning services provider for long-term care facilities and retirement homes. Contact us now for an estimate or to submit an RFP.

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