Proper ongoing maintenance is essential for hard floors if you want to increase their longevity, improve their appearance, and minimize damage.

To keep your building’s hard floors looking their best, you need to create a maintenance plan that is tailored to your specific flooring type and your building.

Here are the 5 things you should consider when determining the right hard floor maintenance plan for your building:

Hard floor maintenance - commercial cleaning Burlington1.     What Type of Hard Floor Is It?

Different types of hard floors require different cleaning chemicals, methods, and equipment – especially because what is right for one type of flooring will actually damage another. Your cleaning company should know the right approach for each type of hard flooring and be trained in the specific procedures required for top results.

2.     What Are the Contaminates?

What type of soil and contaminates are being brought into your building? Certain environments might create dirt that is more likely to scratch the floor or dull the finish. The common contaminates in your building can influence how often your floors need cleaning or refinishing.

3.     How Much Traffic Do You Have?

Buildings with heavy foot traffic will require a more intensive, frequent hard floor cleaning schedule than buildings with less traffic. Foot traffic will wear down the protective, attractive finish on the floors and leave them vulnerable to damage.

You should consider how much traffic your building regularly gets, and whether any specific areas receive a higher amount of traffic than others. High traffic areas might include entranceways and lobbies, for example.

4.     How Will a Cleaning Schedule Fit in with Your Schedule?

Depending on how busy your building is, you may want to have the cleaning company come overnight to perform the hard floor maintenance – or you might want to consider day cleaning for the cost savings. Think about when it makes sense for floor care to be done in the different areas of your building, then plan the cleaning schedule accordingly.

5.     What Is Your Building’s Size?

How large of an area must be maintained? Your facility’s square footage is one of the biggest factors that influences the time and cost required for effective floor care services. You may want to consider dividing your building into distinct sectors to be cleaned on a rotating basis.

A Tailored Hard Floor Maintenance Solution

You should discuss each of these questions with your hard floor cleaners, to ensure that they understand your needs. They should develop a tailored hard floor maintenance plan for you.

With a comprehensive hard floor care schedule, you can protect your hard floor investment and make a great first impression on everyone who comes into your building!

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