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Why is Day Cleaning betterYou have likely heard of “day cleaning” before – it’s becoming an increasingly large trend in the cleaning industry. Many condominiums, offices, and commercial buildings are learning about the benefits of day cleaning, and changing their cleaning programs to include it.

Overnight cleaning has been the industry standard for a long time, but we’re starting to see a shift in the needs and desires of clients.

What Is Day Cleaning?

Day cleaning is when your cleaning company sends their team to do certain cleaning activities during the day, rather than overnight.

Cleaning tasks like disinfecting, dusting, taking out garbage containers, and so on, are easy for cleaners to complete while your employees or tenants are present. These tasks are quiet and don’t disturb the building occupants.

Louder, more intensive cleaning activities, like hard floor care or carpet cleaning, will still be completed before or after regular business hours (or whenever you need it to be done).

Depending on your specific building and your needs, a day cleaning program is typically customized to fit into your schedule.

How Is Day Cleaning Environmentally Friendly?

Do you want to reduce your facility’s energy consumption?

If you do, day cleaning might be the solution you’re looking for.

When a portion of the cleaning tasks are completed during the day, the cleaning staff does not have lights on for as long overnight when the building is not (or is less) occupied. You may think this wouldn’t make a big difference, but it does!

As referenced on Buildings, one corporation saved about $70,000 per year simply by instituting day cleaning. Rather than having lights and janitors until 2:30am, the lights were off and the janitors were gone by 9:00pm. The heating and/or air conditioning can also be turned down if the building isn’t in use overnight.

CleanLink estimates that 2-3% of total electricity use can be saved from day cleaning alone!

As you can see, day cleaning can make a real difference.

As more corporations and organizations take a greater interest in being eco-friendly, day cleaning is becoming a more widespread option. It’s a great alternative to traditional cleaning programs; it not only helps reduce your environmental footprint, but saves money too!

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance will be happy to customize the right cleaning program for your specific needs. Contact us now to get a quote!

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