CleantelligentDo you know if you’re getting real value for the price you’re paying your professional janitorial company?

With Cleantelligent, you do.

Cleantelligent is a janitorial inspections system that allows professional cleaning companies, like us, to improve their communication within their organization and with you, the client. Through the Cleantelligent system, you know exactly what cleaning tasks are being done and how well quality control is being maintained.

It is a web-based software that acts, first and foremost, as an electronic log book. It’s accessible to employees and customers alike, giving everyone the information they need.

For clients, it offers transparency into the cleaning company’s activities. It documents all tasks done by the cleaners, allows you to submit requests (which are also tracked), and provides performance reports.


Quality Control

Online surveys, inspections, and task tracking ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Services from the cleaning contract are tracked through Cleantelligent, and then inspected to guarantee standards are met and exceeded.

Inspection data is captured for each area within your facility:

  • Floor (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)
  • East, west, etc.
  • Area types (hallway, washroom, classroom, office, etc.)

The inspector can leave comments, or even photos, for different evaluated items.



You can review the inspection results at any time, and be assured that everything is being done to your specifications (for example, you’ll know tasks set to be completed daily are completed as promised).

Clients can also submit issues to Cleantelligent. In real-time, all relevant personnel are notified of the request, and its completion is also tracked by the system. Any issues are dealt with easily and promptly.

Through these two features, both you and the cleaning management team have total visibility on all cleaning activities.



Each building is unique, and Cleantelligent can customize the management of each building in a way that perfectly matches its needs.

Tasks can be adjusted by frequency, and you can view inspection results based on your particular cleaning contract requirements.

This is not a one-size-fits-all solution!



Cleantelligent compiles performance reports. Clients can view them and see how their requirements have been met. These reports increase accountability for the cleaning company, and also help them improve internal training procedures as trends emerge.

Here’s what you can see in the performance reports, if requested:

  • Average inspection scores
  • Average inspection scores by month by service
  • Location by service
  • Quality inspection report
  • Recent inspection scores by service location
  • Service locations needing attention
  • Filing type tracking by month
  • File type tracking by month (bar chart)
  • Message history by client
  • Message history by employee
  • Message time statistics

Careers PDFClick here for more information about Cleantelligent, including screenshots of the software.

Cleantelligent is an amazing tool for professional cleaning companies to increase their accountability and communication with clients, ultimately leading to improved service across the board.

>> Sunshine is one of the first commercial cleaning companies in Canada to implement Cleantelligent. Contact us today to discuss your commercial cleaning needs.

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