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sweepingThe cleaning company you hire to clean your building should offer upholstery cleaning. Why should you have to bring in yet another cleaner to provide that service?

Professional cleaning companies often offer carpet cleaning services, necessary for carpeted offices, elevator waiting areas, hallways, and so on. However, most of these commercial cleaners do not offer upholstery cleaning – even though both services require similar equipment.

Why don’t all commercial janitorial companies provide upholstery cleaning? The answer is simple: additional equipment, training and education for their employees.

Those companies’ lack of investment in their services means more headaches for you, the client. If you have to bring in a different cleaning company or specialist to clean cubicle partitions or lobby furniture, for example, it’s an added hassle and strain on your time.

It just makes sense to work with a cleaning company that can handle all of your building’s cleaning. You want a cleaning company that is willing to take the time to learn the skills required to meet allof your needs.

The areas in your building that require speciality upholstery cleaning are usually among the most neglected. These are crucial points where dust, bacteria, and stains can build up, creating an unclean and unhealthy environment for your building occupants. For employees in offices and commercial buildings, this can mean more sick workers and more absenteeism (click here to learn about how Canada lost 16.6 Billion in 2012 due to absenteeism).

This cleaning is a must-do in all buildings with upholstery, especially those concerned about indoor air quality.

If you properly maintain the items requiring upholstery cleaning, you won’t see soiling build up. Once you do see marks and stains, it’s already too late for a regular maintenance approach. At that point, you will need restorative cleaning, which is more intensive.

If your regular cleaning company provides upholstery cleaning services, it will be that much easier to include proper upholstery maintenance into the regular cleaning schedule. In so doing, you will avoid costly restorative work and the hassle of bringing in an additional party to clean your upholstery.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance will work with you to develop the perfect carpet and upholstery cleaning program for your building. Contact us or request a quote today!

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