CARTS – Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Transparency, Sustainabilit

CARTS – Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Transparency, Sustainability

CARTS – Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Transparency, Sustainabilit

At Sunshine Building Maintenance Inc., we strive for a strong team and a great company culture. That’s why we adopted the acronym ‘CARTS’ to ensure our core values and company goals are always achieved. CARTS stands for Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Transparency and Sustainability, which are the five key components to a successful and thriving company.


Firstly, collaboration is essential for teamwork where the team can communicate expectations clearly to those involved in the decision-making. It is where two or more people working together can share a common goal by communicating their values and beliefs. This means individuals should work as active members of a group to achieve a common goal.


Second, accountability is key to being responsible and learning from mistakes. The goal is to accept the responsibility of employees and trust that they complete the tasks they are assigned, perform the duties required by their job, and know when and how to get support when required. Being accountable to our customers and supplying the best possible service is our focus, which allows employees to have a clear understanding of outcomes.


Next, is respect, where we treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. We encourage coworkers to express opinions, ideas and listen to what others have to say before expressing their viewpoints. We should treat others as we would want to be treated, while respecting other members’ time and space when needed.


We also encourage transparency among our employees, by operating in a way that creates openness between managers and employees. This creates trust and leads to a successful organization. Transparency is an ongoing process that can have ongoing results and is achieved by being comfortable and open to others. It is important to ask questions and be honest about your opinions.


Lastly, our goal to building sustainability in the workspace is to be resourceful and innovative by using the best available technology, advanced engineering and improved production methods. The idea here is that less is more in order to produce better products and services. This allows us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations, while staying educated and relevant.

The acronym ‘CARTS’ is a staple at Sunshine Building Maintenance Inc., as it keeps our values simple to understand and remember. We are more than just a cleaning company, as we incorporate core values to our every day practices and work towards a healthy company culture.

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