Converting a storage area into a functioning and productive office space

One of the benefits of developing our general maintenance capabilities is the ability to redevelop our own office environment to better suit our operational needs. At Sunshine Building Maintenance, we understand the importance of having a productive office for employees. Over the last year, we have learned firsthand how helpful it is to have resources that help us renew a space.

This project showcases how we converted a storage area into a functioning office and improved our abilities to maintain social distance protocols, while boosting productivity and morale. The project took two weeks to complete with the investment totaling to approximately $9,500.00.

The following images illustrate the detailed step-by-step process of carefully converting an old space into a useful space. With creativity and proper tools at hand, Sunshine is committed to optimize every inch of a space to help transform the look and use of your office building.

Before: 120 Square Feet of mezzanine space in our warehouse used for storing supplies and spare equipment
Day 1: Cleared out the area, demolition of space and framed walls for next steps.
Day 2: Drywall was cut and installed.
Day 3 & 4: Drywall prep, patching and taping of seams.
Day 5 & 6: Carpet, window installation, trim work, and final paint.
Day 7: Finished project with team member moved in.

Sunshine’s objective is to help our clients create clean, healthy, and safe working environments. Our general maintenance division ensures your work environment is designed to help you achieve your business goals.

Mark Brouwers

Mark Brouwers is the VP of Finance at Sunshine Building Maintenance
Mark Brouwers

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