How your facility can plan for ice and snow

How your facility can plan for ice and snow

How your facility can plan for ice and snow

Winter is coming up, which means it is time to prepare your facility for ice and snow. Extreme weather conditions, such as ice storms, can cause damage. As we expect heavy winter weather soon, here are some general tips and suggestions:

Schedule ahead of time!

Scheduling ahead for extreme weather conditions in the winter can save you time. This includes preparing supplies, employees and your facility for a snow fall or ice storm. A great tip is to organize a snow removal schedule for the roads and walkways of your facility. This comes in very handy for your employees, customers and even deliveries for a safe entry and exit without any snow blockage. Keeping up with your local area’s weather alerts is also a great way to prepare for a snowfall or blizzard – that way you and your cleaning crew can prepare supplies the day before or even a week ahead.

Check up on your HVAC

Freezing conditions can damage your HVAC system, ultimately harming your employees; making sure your facility’s heating and ventilation is up to date is key to avoid any unforeseen breakdowns. Additionally, plumbing and pipes can also be affected by freezing weather and requires inspection more frequently. Leaking water and gas can be a result from faulty or damaged pipes; therefore, it is important to hire a professional to investigate your boilers, furnace and water systems before winter.

Deep floor cleaning

When there is heavy foot traffic, you can expect to see salt lines, mud and even water in your building entrance. To avoid any dirt and water from ruining your interior or causing a potential slipping hazard, it is important to consider deep floor cleaning. Supplies such as scraper mats, microfibre mops, floor blowers and neutralizing cleaners for salt, will be beneficial to maintaining a clean building this winter. It is essential to ensure supplies are stocked for effective floor cleaning. This way you can get the cleaning action done on time and with little stress.

Winter-proof your walkway and landscaping

Salt and ice melts work great for sidewalks and driveways and are the main forms of keeping your walkways clear and safe. However, they can be damaging to your landscaping and grass; therefore, plants and soils are recommended to be covered by wood chips to prevent root damage. In many cases as well, a snow removal plan is ideal as excessive amounts of snow and ice can impede delivery vehicles. Additionally, including treads in your parking lot can facilitate deliveries for truck drivers. The OSHA also recommends heated shelters or booths if your facility employs workers that spend extended hours outdoors.

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