Most overlooked surfaces when cleaning

Most overlooked surfaces when cleaning

Most overlooked surfaces when cleaning

Cleaning is a part of our everyday lives, as we strive towards achieving a disinfected and protected environment around us. Whether we work in an office, restaurant, retail store or large public spaces, it is fundamental that we keep our surfaces clean and safe for ourselves and those around us.

With the spread of COVID-19, it is especially important to shift attention to proper cleaning practices to reduce risks of getting sick or spread of the virus. Luckily, there are ways to ensure that surfaces we often forget to clean are no longer overlooked.

Handles, faucets and buttons

These high-touch points are everywhere as we interact with handles, faucets and buttons the moment we leave our home to the moment we enter a building. Public Health Ontario recommends disinfectants, such as hand sanitizers to be applied before and after touching public surfaces. It is also recommended to store disinfectant wipes and cleaning products around the building to ensure regular cleaning.

Phones, keys and wallets

Similar to handles and buttons in public settings, our phones, keys and wallets require consistent cleaning throughout the day. We carry these essential items everywhere we go when leaving our homes. Considering hand-washing is important and emphasized when entering public spaces, it is easy to forget that our everyday items require frequent disinfecting when entering or leaving a premise. To make sure your personal items stay clean, always carry cleaning and disinfecting products with you at all times and avoid touching your face.

Commercial kitchens

Kitchens located in offices, retail stores and commercial buildings are consistently used throughout the day. The kitchen requires more attention as it handles various food items introduced by different people. The Ministry of Health provides food safety and equipment cleaning tips to guarantee a properly sanitized area. Deep-cleaning should be performed often on:

  • Dishes, cutting boards & sinks
  • Tables and countertops
  • Cleaning and consistently rotating dishcloths, aprons and towels

Fans, heaters and vents

It is always important for our everyday working environment to be equipped with proper heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems all year round. Indoor air quality is essential for those in a building, as it can become an important health and safety concern. According to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety (CCPHS) issues arise if there is:

  • Improper maintenance of heating and ventilation system
  • Contamination by construction materials, glues, fibreglass, etc.
  • Increase in the number of building occupants and time spent indoors
  • With these systems continuously operating, experts suggest cleaning HVAC systems every two to five years to prevent health risks.

Curtains and rugs

High volume foot traffic, outdoor weather conditions and food spills all impact the state and cleanliness of a commercial building floor. Curtains and rugs are magnets to dirt, grime and bacteria, and for that reason it is fundamental to research or contact experts to see how often your curtains and rugs should be washed, considering some materials absorb germs and bacteria more than others; this not only improves the longevity of carpets and rugs in your building but also improves the air quality and well-being of workers.

More tips by Public Health Ontario:

  • Ensure proper PPE is used, such as masks, gloves and safety goggles when handling toxic products.
  • Reading labels and ingredient lists on products is extremely important to ensure they are being used properly.
  • Contact cleaning experts like Sunshine Building Maintenance to help for any big or small cleaning projects

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