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commercial cleaning, bathrooms, cleanWhich areas would you say are the most important to keep clean? If you said the lobby or the staff kitchen you’d be right, but don’t forget to add the bathroom to your top-tier list! In one survey, 86% of customers said they wouldn’t return to a place if the bathrooms weren’t up to pa­­r in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

Continue reading to learn how keeping your restrooms clean and tidy can benefit your business:

1. Reduce the Spread of Illness-Causing Germs

The bathroom is one of the favourite spots for germs to hide. The air is typically more humid than it is elsewhere in the facility, and there are common touchpoints everywhere like:

  • Door handles.
  • Light switches.
  • Countertops.
  • Faucets on toilets and sinks.
  • Buttons on hand dryers.

Touch point cleaning is the best way to tackle bacteria on these high-traffic surfaces. Sunshine’s experienced cleaners use only the most advanced, proven, and safe germicidal products (like Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide and microfiber cloths) combined with best-practices recommended by healthcare professionals.

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting—what’s the difference anyways? Read our blog to find out!

2. Control Unpleasant Odours

Restrooms don’t always smell like a bed of roses. It’s normal for odours to occasionally crop up, though these can be minimized and counteracted with the right cleaning practices and products.

Be on the lookout for microbial-based odour eliminators. These types of products not only freshen spaces by masking smells, but actually work to eradicate the problem completely by going after lingering organic matter that might be trying to hide in cracks, crevices, and corners.

3. Keep Your Restroom Looking Its Best

Making sure your washrooms are always tidy will give anyone using them—employees, visitors, and occupants alike—the sense that you care about your building as well as their health and wellbeing.

Work with Your Professional Cleaning Company to Establish a Restroom Cleaning Routine

Depending on your needs (how much traffic your building receives, whether the restrooms are used by customers or employees, etc.), your professional cleaning company can work with you to recommend the cleaning frequency and program that will be the most suitable for your bathrooms.

They can provide services like:

  • Day Porter and Matron Services: Day porters and matrons provide a constant presence in your building, maintaining a high level of cleanliness and reacting to immediate concerns in between your comprehensive, scheduled cleaning sessions. They can keep restrooms tidy, ensure they’re always stocked, and more.
  • Touch Point Cleaning: Touch points are those surfaces which come into frequent contact by multiple people (door handles, light switches, electronics, etc.). Touch point cleaning targets those common problem spots, removing pathogens to keep illnesses at bay.
  • Specialized Services like Hard Floor Care: Whether it’s an everyday mopping or a thorough polish, hard floors require special attention to keep them looking and performing their best all year round.

Taking action to ensure restrooms are clean, tidy, and well stocked gives people a positive impression of your building, boosting customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Sunshine has been providing professional cleaning services throughout Southern Ontario since 1952. Our team members are all fully bonded. Contact us today to discuss your office cleaning needs!

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