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Hard Floor CleaningWinter can be tough on floors. Although hard floors are designed to be durable, they can be prone to seasonal damage as they’re often used in high-traffic areas. Routine maintenance – including a springtime spruce up – will keep hard floors healthy, reviving their appearance and minimizing the effects of seasonal wear and tear.

Whatever type of hard floor you have – whether marmoleum, tile, linoleum, or laminate – your springtime cleaning routine needs to be thorough and tailored to your unique needs.

Check out these tips for making your floors sparkle this spring:

1.     Fix Wintertime Damages Early

Has this winter been especially difficult on your hard floors? Before your cleaning company arrives, make sure you look for:

  • Stains caused by exposure to salt and other contaminants
  • Discolouration caused by water damage or other causes
  • New cracks or dents in or between your floor’s tiles or boards

Leaving problems too long can cause them to worsen and result in long-term damage that can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

2.     Strip and Recoat Hard Floors to Remove Built-Up Contaminants

Winter not only brings snow and slush, but also problematic contaminants like salt. These can eat through protective coatings and scratch or corrode surfaces, causing permanent harm to hard floors if not dealt with early.

Depending on how deep the damage goes, a simple surface clean might not cut it. Floor stripping will guarantee a deep clean and remove stubborn stains, old wax, and ground-in dirt. A new finish will leave your hard floors shining.

When it comes to stripping hard floors, make sure you:

  • Rotate Areas: Break your building into 3 to 4 sections, so you can rotate cleaning to maintain maximum efficiency. Ultimately, your building’s size and foot traffic will determine the number of sections you’ll need.
  • Apply the Finish Efficiently: To save on materials and labour, consider applying coats of finish in phases. The first should be applied 15 to 20 centimetres from the wall, the second 7 to 10 centimetres, and the third to the whole floor.
  • Use the Correct Equipment: Make sure you choose a cleaning company that uses only the highest quality equipment and best materials.
  • Customize Your Approach: Stripping a floor is not a one-size-fits-all job. Your floor maintenance plan – including regular floor stripping – should be customized to reflect the needs unique to your facility.

Working with an experienced cleaning company will guarantee brilliant results.

3.     Use Exterior Floor Mats to Protect the Floors inside Your Building

Even if springtime means no more salt, you’re going to have new problems: slush and mud. Exterior mats offer year-round protection, stopping grime at the door.

When choosing exterior mats, look for:

  • Mats that are coarse and porous to scrape away dirt
  • Something that will handle dense oils and debris coming from outside walkways and parking lots

Don’t forget to include a wiper mat inside to get rid of shoe-born moisture and smaller particles once and for all before visitors make their way through your building.

4.     Clean Hard Floors Frequently

Whatever the season, the best way to keep your hard floors in tip-top shape is to clean them properly and regularly.

The appropriate cleaning frequency will depend on your building’s size and usual foot traffic. The best approach might be to tackle your facility in sections, though that is something that you should discuss with your professional cleaning company.

5.     Get a Professional Clean for Your Hard Floors

A professional cleaning company has the experience, teams, and materials to make sure your hard floors get the attention they deserve to make them sparkle. They will tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

Make sure you discuss all your needs with your cleaning services provider so that they can make appropriate recommendations.

At Sunshine Building Maintenance, we will treat your hard floors according to their unique needs.  Our cleaning team members are fully bonded. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs! 

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