Even with a fantastic, consistent hard floor cleaning program over the winter, your building’s floors may be looking a little worse for the wear. Spring is the right time to renew and revitalize the look of your floors, now that the salt and grime of winter is a thing of the Green Spring Cleaningpast.

Building owners and facility managers should have their hard floors stripped, which will return them to a newer, more lustrous appearance. Tired looking floors need to be stripped to remove the soiling of winter, then recoated with a floor finish to protect them and make them shine.

As part of our green cleaning initiative at Sunshine, we want to stress the importance of using green strippers when possible. The result is better safety for building occupants and reduced environmental impact.

There are different ways a floor stripper can be more environmentally-friendly: 1) free of volatile solvents, 2) less caustic, and 3) more highly concentrated for better dilution efficiency. Green floor stripping chemicals are just as powerful as non-green products, and will work on the toughest conventional floor finishes, for the most part.

To be effective, floor strippers must be diluted with the correct amount of water and given the proper dwell time. You need to ensure you hire a cleaning company with the professional care to do the job properly and safely.

With a thorough hard floor stripping and refinishing session, your floors will be sparkling like new and ready to greet the warmer weather!

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance provides quality hard floor cleaning services to ensure the longevity of your floors. Contact us today for a quote.

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