Industrial and manufacturing buildings are among the most difficult places to clean. They have distinctive challenges, such as quick production schedules, dangerous equipment and machinery, and higher amounts of dirt/dust creation.

On top of these special considerations, every industrial facility may have its own unique requirements.

Not every cleaning company is equipped to handle the needs of industrial facilities. You must find professional cleaners who are experienced in providing cleaning services for industrial and manufacturing environments.

Here are the top 3 things you should look for in a professional cleaning company for your industrial or manufacturing facility:

1.     Safety Compliance and Training

Safety is the first and foremost concern for industrial environments.

Proper cleaning is essential to workplace safety for employees who work at the industrial facility. It is also necessary for cleaners to maintain their own safety by completing their work in accordance with safety standards.

Therefore, cleaning staff must:

  • Be trained in all relevant best practices and workplace safety programs
  • Use the right safety equipment
  • Be fully insured by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

For the safety of both your employees and the cleaning staff, you need a professional cleaning company that takes industrial safety seriously and respects your safety programs.

2.     Quick and Responsive to Your Needs

Industrial facilities get dirty faster than other buildings, such as offices or commercial buildings. It’s important that this industrial dust and dirt is cleaned up promptly. These contaminants can cause safety hazards and interfere with the function of certain sensitive machinery.

Janitorial staff must be able to respond quickly to the demands of industrial environments. Prompt, careful, and accurate cleaning services are crucial for industrial purposes, where the margin for error is minimal.

3.     Effective Communication

Professional cleaning companies should take the time to understand your facility’s specific needs. A cleaning schedule should be custom-made for you, depending on which materials you use, your work floor layout, your own company schedule, and so on.

After you have created a tailored cleaning plan that works for your building(s), your cleaning company should remain transparent and keep you fully informed about their ongoing cleaning and Quality Control activities. At Sunshine for example, we use a janitorial inspection system called CleanTelligent to ensure our clients have full visibility on our work.

If your cleaning company is good at communicating with you, it should be no problem when your needs change or you have to add an item to their task list.

Industrial facility cleaning cannot be done by just any cleaners. Make sure you find a cleaning company that has the experience and knowledge to do the job properly.

>> Sunshine has the expertise to offer a complete range of industrial cleaning services. Our employees are WSIB insured, fully trained, and qualified to perform safe cleaning in industrial environments. Contact us to discuss your building’s needs today.

Serving clients in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Niagara, and Fort Erie.

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