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One of the top ways to stop the spread of germs and colds during flu season is simple: don’t go to work sick.

Touch pointWhen sick people are at work, they can’t avoid touching common surfaces and spreading illness around the office.

CNN Health gives three excellent reasons why you shouldn’t go to work sick:

  1. You’ll get co-workers sick.
  2. You’ll be less productive.
  3. You’ll take longer to recover (making you less productive for a longer period of time).

A recent article by Huffington Post Healthy Living discusses some good news – fewer people are going to work sick. A new survey from Staples suggests that 60% of people say they go to work sick, compared to 90% from last year.  

While the trend is certainly positive, 60% of people attending work while sick is still too many!

Unfortunately, that means during flu season, your workplace may still have a lot of bacteria and germs going around. As CNN Health recommends, disinfecting objects including phones, doorknobs, keyboards, and so on, during flu season is a key strategy to cut down on the sickness spread.

These common “touch points” are primary sources of cross-infection. In fact, bacteria and viruses can live on these surfaces for a long time; for example, the influenza virus can be active from 2-8 hours after landing on these surfaces!

We highly recommend professional touch point cleaning to mitigate the possibility of illnesses spreading in the workplace. While this is important all year round, it’s particularly essential during flu season and the winter months.

Dedicated disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces keeps employees healthy – reducing the need for sick days and improving productivity … even if 60% of your employees are coming to work while sick.

>> Sunshine Building Maintenance provides touch point cleaning with advanced germicidal products and best practices recommended by healthcare professionals. Contact us to discuss your needs now.

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